Around 80-90% of people will experience some type of back pain in their lives, but in many cases that back pain is preventable. Proper posture and regular exercise will help keep your back healthy and strong, and by creating a few good habits, you can decrease the risk of injury. 


To start, don’t stand in one place with both of your feet together for long periods of time. When you do this, your lower back begins to sway forward, like it is trying to reach your bellybutton.  This is what people refer to a “swayback,” and it increases pressure on the back that over time can create weakness and make the back more susceptible to injury.  Instead, when you are standing for longer periods, prop one of your legs up on a stepping stool or other object of similar height.  Your back will naturally align itself.

Lifting heavy objects is a common trigger for back pain.  To properly lift something, you should bend at the knees and hips.  Don’t ever bend at the waist, as this puts your back in a weak position that can lead to injury.  Always carry the weight close to your body.  If you are looking at something on a high table or desk, make sure that you bend your knees.

Remember is that stress can contribute to many types of pain in the body.  Relax the muscles in your body with stretching, deep breathing exercises and even light exercise.  These can all help to prevent stress from affecting you and your back.