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Today’s Links December 30, 2014

Keeping Your Pathways Clear Keeping Your Pathways Clear Get regular chiropractic care to keep your nervous system pathways clear!Filed under: Uncategorized Dr. Johnson and his staff… Dr. Johnson and his staff are amazing! via Reviews for Northside Family Chiropractic under: Uncategorized Tagged: chiropractor, reviews, whiplash Reviews for Northside Family Chiropractic

Today’s Links December 25, 2014

Chiropractic Helps Senior Citizens Stay Active Chiropractic Helps Senior Citizens Stay Active Aging isn’t always easy as your risk of certain medical conditions increases and, often, your mobility decreases—both of which can lower your quality of life. Unfortunately, when you have a spinal condition, the effects can often be worse. However, research… Chiropractic Helps Senior

Today’s Links December 23, 2014

Chiropractic Boosts Antioxidants Chiropractic Boosts Antioxidants Numerous studies have found that antioxidants are important to achieving and maintaining maximum health. Put simply, they take their extra electron and use it to stop the chain reaction of free radicals (which create damage by stealing electrons from healthy… Chiropractic Boosts Antioxidants This post has been generated by

Today’s Links December 18, 2014

Chiropractic Improves Healing of Recurrent Ankle Sprains Chiropractic Improves Healing of Recurrent Ankle Sprains Ankle injuries are among the most common injuries reported by sports athletes, ranking number one in 24 specific sports categories such as basketball, football, volleyball, and soccer. Additionally, over 40 percent of ankle inversion sprain injuries result in chronic ankle… Chiropractic

Today’s Links December 16, 2014

Immediately did x-rays fi… Immediately did x-rays first thing to pin point the problem and got right to making it better. Appointments are easy and ALWAYS great at rotating patients through and keeping everyone going so no long wait. Staff and Dr. Johnson are always friendly and more than helpful with all ages. Love to

Today’s Links December 11, 2014

Subluxation Tuesday Subluxation Tuesday under: Uncategorized An Ounce of Chiropractic An Ounce of Chiropractic under: Uncategorized