Doing Back Exercises

Posted by on May 08, 2010 08:39 AM

I’ve heard it said that if people would brush their teeth like they should they could get by with 80% less trips to the dentist.  Well, I think the same is true of back exercises and trips to the chiropractor.  If everyone did their back exercises on a daily basis you would probably see a lot less of me!

There are two types of exercises.  They are stretching exercises and strengthening exercises.  When we think of exercising we usually think of building muscle (strength exercises) but I feel stretching exercises are just as important.

If one area of the body is too tight it makes the adjacent part of the body work twice as hard.  Here’s an example.  If your hamstrings are tight and you bend forward, the tight hamstrings will not allow the pelvis to tilt forward.  That means the adjacent part of your body (the low back) has to bend twice as much.  That is an injury waiting to happen.

We give lots of patient’s exercises to do at home but we feel that the patients rarely do them.  If you are willing to do home exercises I would be happy to show them to you on your next visit.  Just let me know.

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